Sunday, 1 May 2016

Day 47 - May 1, 2016 - Christ is Risen! Our Anastasi Meal, Visiting Friends and Roasting a Lamb on a Spit!

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Last night we decided to celebrate the Resurrection Service at the Hellenic Home chapel, a Greek Orthodox church in a beautiful seniors' residence in the eastern part of Toronto, Canada. There are many people whom we know who are residents at this quality facility, so all members of our family came together for the Anastasi service. It was beautiful to see so many younger family members  present to be with their parents and grandparents (giagiades kai papoudes). 

We have a kind of an unusual tradition in our family during Easter - a couple of members also like to have Kentucky Fried Chicken to go along with the more traditional items which we also prepare.
The kontosouvli was amazing! For the recipe, please see last year's entry (click here, and here).
Another one of our family's traditions is to make a small kokoretsi (see last year's links here and here).
This tsoureki was a gift from a kind neighbour. Please note that it doesn't have an egg in it, unlike the ones which we make. Nevertheless, it was delicious!

The cracking of the eggs went fair and square - no cheating by hitting the other's egg from the side! Although we don't have any close-up photos of last night's tasty magiritsa soup, you can see it at the top right of this picture.

What a great job the three cooks did in preparing this 35 pound (about 16 kg) Ontario lamb. We recently were surprised to hear from a New Zealand - based chef that Ontario spring lamb is a sought out meat in faraway New Zealand.
Today, there were not too many cooks. They each helped to make the lamb on a spit turn out perfect. 

The cooked lamb was delicious, moist and very flavourful.
Here is Husband's plate. The family which hosted us this year made us feel very welcome. After our singing of "Christos Anesti!", we all sat down and enjoyed our meal of Lamb on a spit, Greek oven roasted potatoes, salad, home-made tzatziki and rolled tiropites. What a great way to celebrate the end of our Lenten fast!

Christos Anesti, by Serbian singer and conductor of sacred Orthodox music (in various languages), Jivna Ljubojevic.
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Christos Anesti! We would like to thank you for visiting our blog during this Great Lent period. 

The Great Lent Gourmet team looks forward, God willing, to have you join us again next year!